Kid’s Dentistry

Healthy teeth for life

A recent study by AIHW has found that nearly half (48.7%) of Australian children aged 5-6 years have had decay in their baby teeth. 

With proper care from an early age, we can help your child achieve optimal oral health for life!

At Rozelle Dental, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure.  We recommend that your child visit the dentist when their first few teeth erupt.  This will give us a chance to detect any early signs of decay or potential problems.

We understand that your child’s first dental visit is important.  We will take the time to make this important milestone a positive experience to help them feel comfortable at the dentist.  Children who visit the dentist regularly will seldom develop dental phobias and will enjoy better dental health throughout their life.  Our dentists are skilled at working with young children to make appointments enjoyable, informative and fun.

We adopt a preventive approach and will help parents establish good oral hygiene and dietary routines.  After their first visit, we recommend dental check-ups every six months to help avoid problems.

kids dentistry

At Rozelle Dental we provide all aspects of care for children including:

  • check-up and cleaning
  • fillings
  • fissure sealants (protective coatings over molar teeth to help prevent decay).


Your Child’s First Visit

On your child’s first visit we will complete a thorough examination of their teeth and gums. For the very young patients we will have the parent hold the child in their lap while we do this.  We will educate you on how best to brush and floss your child’s teeth effectively.

If your child has any tartar build-up, we will gently clean and polish to remove it.

Why baby teeth are important?

Retaining healthy baby teeth is important as:

  • decay can result in discomfort and pain for your child
  • infection can lead to a facial swelling and an unwanted trip to the hospital
  • space is maintained for adult teeth.  Early loss can be make it more likely that orthodontic correction may be required.

Problems with baby teeth can lead to more trips to the dentist and increase the likelihood that a dental phobia will result.

Child dental benefits schedule

The child dental benefits schedule provides basic dental services to children aged between 2-17 years.  Eligible children are able to access basic dental services up to $1000 per child over 2 consecutive calender years.  Eligibility is accessed by medicare.

At Rozelle Dental, we bulk-bill all children eligible for the child dental benefits schedule.  Please advice our staff at the time of booking your appointment of your eligibility.


To book your child in for a consultation, contact our friendly team at Rozelle Dental and we will be happy to look after them and make sure that they enjoy the experience.



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